20 Cutest New Comics That Hilariously Sum Up What It’s Like Living With A Dog By This Artist

Mochi the pug is not your average dog. furbaby is a sweet bulb whose life is full of excitement and joi de vivrex (if we agree that doggos are also among the little things that are able to feel this sound). In fact, it seems that the Mochi’s main job is very cute, which he nails completely day by day.

Pug is also impressive for the comic series by Spanish artist Gemma gene, who is currently based in New York. Gemma’s charming drawing is a charming Mochi of her own, and her two recovered brothers, Huey and Duey, have won the hearts of 338k followers on their Instagram page “157ofgemma”.

And it was during this time that Gemma began to remember her pug so much that she began to write some of her cartoons on the subway. Little did he know, he was destined to become a hit among cartoonists and dog lovers who found Gemma’s comics more than ever.

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Gemma also said that together they have tried to be very consistent about posting comics on their daily lives. Over time, his style of drawing changed, more characters were added, and two new members came into the family of Mochi and Jima. “This is the Mochi’s twin brother, the twins, or the cobbler’s BFF bean.





The artist also said that his drawing skills have improved and his style has improved. Previously, he had only pulled his hand all day as a way to avoid sitting in front of the computer. Now, Gemma is back to working on a computer. “I started adding color a while ago. I also do dynamic movements from time to time, which is very interesting to me.














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