20 Adorable Gemma Comics Shows Her Daily Life With Her Dog


157 of Gemma is a web comic by a woman named Gemma who chronicles her life with her chubby pug, Mochi, through cartoons and illustrations. Her main focus is creating lighthearted and humorous comics depicting the daily lives and adventures of Gemma, Mochi, her husband Peli, and Mochi’s brothers, the Twinchis. Her art style is characterized by simple yet expressive illustrations and witty dialogue.

Life with a pet also has funny moments, and the artist Gemma Gene knew how to represent them perfectly in an adorable way. She explores themes of pet ownership, family life, humor, and everyday situations, with a focus on Mochi’s unique perspective and personality. She has 351,000 Followers on her Instagram account. If you are a dog lover or have ever had the experience of having a dog, then you will surely relate to her comics in the following gallery.

Credit: 157 Of Gemma

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#1. Choices


#2. Own reflection

#3. Can’t sleep


#4. Dogs Grooming

#5. Not wrong


#6. Allergic

Her comics are amusing and wonderfully depict the joys and challenges of dog ownership. Dog owners and animal lovers alike love her work because of its charming graphics and realistic humor. Gemma illustrates in her comics the various ways that dogs can make us happy or crazy. But the primary goal of making these comics is to make people smile.

#7. Little girl


#8. Dogs

#9. Friend


#10. Let’s go

#11. Get crowded


#12. So hot

#13. too hard


#14. Something Wrong

Mochi is a really happy and sweet puppy with a particular outlook on life. His favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and go on walks, especially when they’re carried. Overall, 157 of Gemma offers a fun and heartwarming escape into the world of Mochi, showcasing his daily life, adventures, and unique perspective, all of which show up in a delightful package of humor and creativity. For more enjoyment, simply click here and here.

#15. You are not


#16. Hilarious

#17. Actual Conversations


#18. Sleeping in the bathroom

#19. What’s wrong?


#20. Sniff

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