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The ability to elicit genuine laughter from a single panel is a true art form. One name that stands out in this realm is Zanyee, a single-panel cartoon that has been making people laugh since its creation in 1991. With a unique and quirky sense of humor, Talmadge delivers comic gems that tickle the funny bone. But what makes Zanyee even more intriguing is its journey through time—having started, stopped, and started again in 2016, it’s a testament to the enduring power of humor.

Zanyee first made its appearance in 1991, created by an artist with a penchant for crafting humor from the simplest of illustrations. The charm of Zanyee lies in its single-panel format, which requires the artist to capture an entire story or punchline in a single frame. With a dedication to wit and creativity, Zanyee quickly became a beloved source of amusement for its 1.067 genuine readers.

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#1. Forgetting

#2. Alive or Dead

#3. Feel Good

#4. Leave a light on

#5. Vampires

#6. Misunderstand

After a successful run that spanned five years, Zanyee ceased publication in 1996. The reasons for this hiatus may remain a mystery, but fans of the comic were left in anticipation of its return for many years. During its absence, Zanyee’s humor was sorely missed, and the cartoon’s absence only seemed to make hearts grow fonder.

In 2016, to the joy of its dedicated fan base, Zanyee made a triumphant return. With the revival of the cartoon, the world once again had access to its delightful brand of humor. The revival demonstrated the enduring appeal of Zanyee’s single-panel format, which continued to resonate with new and old readers alike.

#7. Look Out

#8. Weight

#9. That’s Nice

#10. Mental Breakdown

#11. Playing Cards

#12. Always trouble

What sets Zanyee apart from other cartoons is its ability to find humor in the everyday. The simplicity of its art style allows the humor to shine through, often through clever wordplay or absurd situations. Zanyee’s humor is universal, touching on topics and scenarios that everyone can relate to, making it a source of laughter that transcends generations.

#13. Mommy

#14. Devil’s Advocate

#15. Get a Life

#16. Relationship

#17. Good Score

With a penchant for absurdity and a commitment to squeezing a chuckle or a smile out of its audience, Zanyee’s comics often revolve around everyday situations taken to their humorous extremes. Whether it’s the misadventures of a bumbling character or a clever twist on a common phrase, Zanyee knows how to make its readers giggle.

#18. It’s Time

#19. Dentures

#20. The Untold Story

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