20 Illustrations by an Illustrator Renowned for His Minimalist Yet Impactful Creations


In the vast world of Instagram artistry, there exists a unique niche carved by Anton Gudim, an illustrator renowned for his minimalist yet impactful creations under the moniker “YES, BUT.” This artist isn’t just about making pretty pictures; they delve into the depths of human emotions, exploring themes like mental health, self-discovery, and the intricate web of human connections.

What sets Anton Gudim apart from the plethora of Instagram artists is his distinctive style. Their illustrations, predominantly in black and white, possess a bold, graphic quality that not only catches the eye but also resonates deeply with its viewers. These visuals aren’t just drawings; they are emotional capsules that express the complexities of life, often portraying common situations we all encounter, like feelings of uneasiness, self-doubt, and the eternal quest to find one’s path in this world.

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Credit: YES, BUT

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#1. Bags


#2. Abortion

#3. Christmas


#4. Buffet System

#5. Designing


Curious about the genesis of “yes, but”? Well, Anton Gudim simply lets the ideas flow organically. While the art carries an inherent truthfulness, there’s a playful edge within the “yes, but” segment, adding a sprinkle of fun amidst thought-provoking themes. What’s truly remarkable is the massive following “YES, BUT” has amassed—1.3 million engaged followers! This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about building a community that feels seen and understood through art. By tapping into universal emotions while keeping their own identity distinct from their work, Anton Gudim has fostered a connection that transcends the screen, creating a space where people find solace and understanding.

#6. True

#7. Signals


#8. Wildlife Protection

#9. Lunch Box


#10. Rainy Day

The beauty of “yes, but” lies in its ability to resonate universally. Through a collection of comics, Gudim captures life’s subtleties, unraveling relatable narratives that strike a chord with people from all walks of life. These are not just mere illustrations; they are windows into the human soul, encapsulating emotions that are at once personal and yet widely shared.

#11. Praying


#12. Shopping

#13. Style


#14. Ever Experienced

#15. Fashion


If you’re intrigued by this captivating world of emotions captured through simple yet profound artwork, a magnificent display of Anton Gudim’s most renowned comics awaits you. These works are devoid of gimmicks, tired themes, or clichés; they are pure, honest reflections of the human experience. So, head to the following section and get ready to embrace laughter that reaches deep into your core!

#16. Relatable

#17. Black Friday


#18. Security

#19. Price


#20. Very Deep

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