20 Relatable Comics Beautifully Show the Struggles of Being a Girl in a Hilarious Way

Relatable comics have always been a popular medium for expressing various aspects […]

Relatable comics have always been a popular medium for expressing various aspects of life, and when it comes to depicting the struggles of being a girl, they can be both insightful and hilarious. These comics beautifully capture the everyday experiences, challenges, and quirks that many girls can relate to, all while providing a dose of laughter and a sense of camaraderie. By addressing these subjects through humor, they create a safe space for girls to reflect on their own experiences and feel understood.

Yellow Pencil Comics is a webcomic series created by Ashita Adhikari, a 21-year-old artist from India. The comics focus on illustrating relatable and humorous situations, particularly those centered around the experiences and struggles of being a girl. The comics have gained popularity for their witty and lighthearted approach to everyday life. The Yellow Pencil Comics Instagram account has over 9,242 followers and features a collection of the artist’s illustrations and comic strips.

The comics often depict funny and relatable scenarios that many people, especially girls, can identify with. From the challenges of finding the perfect outfit to the joys and frustrations of relationships, the comics capture the ups and downs of daily life in a humorous and relatable way. Adhikari’s comics are often self-deprecating and candid, and they explore a wide range of topics, from body image and relationships to menstruation and mental health. Her work is both funny and thought-provoking, and it has struck a chord with a large audience of women around the world. It is a must-read for any woman who wants to feel understood and inspired.

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Credit: Yellow Pencil Comics

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#1. Skin care

#2. Poop

#3. Visible


#4. Different shapes

#5. Winters vs summers

#6. Life


#7. So famous!

#8. Trial room

#9. Graduation


#10. Kids vs now

#11. Compliments

#12. Feeling relaxed


#13. Relatable

#14. Summer

#15. Figure


#16. Make up

#17. Fitted shirt

#18. Skin


#19. Dessert

#20. Annoying

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