25 Funny Comics That Every Girl Will Surely Relate To

Yellow Pencil Comics doesn’t really talk about his personal life. But she pours out her heart and her daily struggles in her comics. Surprisingly, many of us can absolutely understand those feelings! Needless to say, we also fell in love with his works and decided to share them with you.

We all need that affirmation that we’re not really crazy and your comics just might be. Ashita Adhikari, the 23-year-old artist behind these comics, would love to hear if these things made your day better, so be sure to check out her page and give her a follow!

More info: yellow.pencil.comics

#1 Bae, where’s your phone call?

#2 Avoiding conflicts like:

#3 Sexy Lingerie.

#4 When the subject is food:

#5 Best friends don’t need formality.

#6 Time to go out.

#7 Peers vs. Us.

#8 That one magically perfect bra.

#9 Need that call.

#10 We take all their words seriously.

#11 “May or may not have played your save progress…?”

#12 When you get your inspiration from Pinterest.

#13 Something hot and spicy.

#14 Stretch marks.

#15 Looking like she just came out from a shampoo ad.

#16 Are you ready?

#17 Why? For what purpose?

#18 Look at this mouth.

#19 Well… As long as it’s comfortable!

#20 Problem solved!

#21 What’s that mini rainbow stash?

#22 The perfect time for hair.

#23 Did you not read “text”?

#24 That summer struggle.

#25 There’s something about our recorded voice!

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