20 Comics about Everyday Life Situations and Female Experiences

There are many artists who create comics that show the challenges faced by girls. One of them is Yellow Pencil Comics. The creator of the web comic series Yellow Pencil Comics is Ashita Adhikari, a 21-year-old Indian artist. The comics highlight funny and realistic scenarios, especially those that revolve around the challenges and experiences of being a girl. The comics’ cleverness and carefree outlook on daily life have helped them become well-known.

With more than 8,807 followers, the Yellow Pencil Comics Instagram account showcases several of the artist’s comic strips and artworks. Ashita’s comics often focus on everyday experiences, especially from a young woman’s perspective. Her humor is relatable, often based on awkward situations, relatable struggles, and self-deprecating observations. Keep scrolling if you want to enjoy such comics. We guarantee that her comics are worth seeing.

Credit: Yellow Pencil Comics

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#1. Skin

#2. Cuddles

#3. Relatable


#4. Skinny

#5. Exams

#6. True


The charming and amusing artwork in Yellow Pencil Comics is frequently based on realistic everyday occurrences and insightful perspectives. The artist uses a distinctive style with expressive characters and vibrant colors. With humor and charm, she addresses subjects including relationships, body image, and life’s ups and downs in general.

#7. Graduation

#8. Relatable

#9. Productive


#10. Adulthood

#11. Instant Smile

#12. Very True


#13. Challenge

#14. Different look

#15. Ever experienced


She always tries her best to capture the joys and challenges of being a girl. Her comics are always relatable to her fans. If you’re looking for a fun and relatable comic strip to follow on Instagram, Yellow Pencil Comics is definitely worth checking out. Her charming illustrations and humorous observations are sure to brighten your day. If you want to enjoy more, then feel free to click here.

#16. Listening music

#17. Video Call

#18. Motivation


#19. Look

#20. Cookies

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