Here are 20 Yeevz Comics That Explore Relationships and Everyday life

We all have similar problems, but we think I’m the only one who does. With her comics, Evie Hilliar does precisely that. She illustrates ordinary occurrences, issues she faces, and uncertainties she has. She gained most of her popularity with the webcomic series Yeevz. She has more than 99,000 followers on Instagram alone. That is a sizable group of individuals who appreciate her work.

She is a talented Australian artist and comics creator. Her colorful and often humorous illustrations are well-known, and she posts them on her website as well as on social media sites, especially Instagram. Hilliar frequently explores issues of relationships, daily living, and mental health in his comics, which usually contain realistic characters and situations. To give you an overview of her amazing creativity and intellect, we’ve selected a few of her humorous comics. To see her comics, scroll down.

Credit: Yeevz

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#1. Grand Kids

#2. Trouble

#3. New Dating App

#4. Brain

#5. How brain works

#6. Magician Dad

Hilliar’s comics are popular because they address real-life concerns in a relevant and often amusing manner. She isn’t afraid to be open and reveal her own hardships, which lends sincerity to her work and allows her to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Her work frequently reflects her identity and life experiences. This gives her comics a distinct perspective and makes them appealing to many viewers.

#7. Friend of the year

#8. So Lucky

#9. So annoying

#10. Being an adult

#11. Sad

#12. Be Patient

#13. Sick

#14. President Dog

#15. So Cute

Her unique style is defined by bright colors, strong lines, and expressive figures. She has an amazing ability to find the humorous side of ordinary circumstances. Yeevz’s cartoons make lighthearted observations about everyday life and the mundane with a clever blend of wit and relatable observations. Yeevz’s comics serve as a helpful reminder that everyone is in this together and that it’s acceptable to make fun of ourselves and our daily struggles. If you’re bored and want to enjoy this artist’s previous comics, then click here.

#16. Birthday

#17. Still Love

#18. Lying

#19. Can’t complain

#20. Party

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