20 Yansha Comics Shows Her Wholesome Life With Her Boyfriend


Individuals who are creative are able to express their emotions, ideas, and other major life events in a variety of ways. Some people are able to do this by creating songs, poems, and dances. As with artists, these people not only capture the interest of their audience but also provide the backstory of each masterpiece they produce. One of them is the creative couple on Instagram who creates comics in order to share their whole lives with others.

We’re here to introduce you to an incredibly talented Indian artist. Aaryansha Sinha is the artist’s good name. She and her boyfriend have been making the comic strips since 2013. The artist captures her everyday life with her lover in her comics, which are very charming and relatable. She could grow her following of 12,900 followers on Instagram by doing this. Let’s explore a few of her most amazing comics.

Credit: Yansha Comics

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#1. Want Chocolates


#2. Warm my heart

#3. Need Hugs


#4. So what?

#5. Stay Like this


#6. Love

The author says that she gets most of her ideas from her everyday experiences, but she also draws inspiration from other comics, cartoons, movies, and adorable couples. You should be aware that the artist creates each and every comic by hand on paper, using Photoshop just to add color and correct mistakes.

#7. One more please


#8. Hugs always help

#9. Coloring Book


#10. Introverted Couples


#11. Gravity

#12. Selfie time


#13. couple


#14. Body Lotion

#15. What are you having?


#16. Vacation

They described themselves as a Seattle-based Indian artist creating comics about a weird couple. Her followers have been known to laugh a lot at the situations depicted in her comics. They can relate to the situations because they happen in their everyday lives as well. Her comics occasionally have a genuine relationship with them. If you also find these comics interesting, then don’t forget to hit the share button.

#17. Wanted a love


#18. Scooped

#19. Life seems to be perfect with you by my side


#20. Got dumped

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