The everyday life of a couple is perfectly captured in 20 adorable illustrations

On Instagram, where every scroll leads to a sea of content, there’s a hidden gem that stands out: the Instagram account of Xia.than. With 8,631 followers and counting, this artistic wizard paints the everyday lives of a couple in adorable illustrations. But how did this journey into the realm of heartwarming doodles begin?


Imagine a regular day in the life of “Xia.Than“—perhaps sipping on coffee, doodling on a napkin. Little did they know that these doodles would evolve into a delightful chronicle of love, quirks, and the charming chaos of everyday life. She found solace and inspiration in the little moments shared between a couple. The stolen glances, the inside jokes, and the beauty of the ordinary became the muse for what would later become an Instagram sensation.

Credit: Xia.than

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#1. Sweet

#2. Long Distance


#3. Hug Tight

#4. Relatable


#5. Mirror Set

#6. Squish


#6. Ringing

The journey started with a sketchpad and a collection of colorful pens. Xia.than began translating real-life moments into endearing illustrations. From the joy of cooking together to the shared laughter over a movie night, each doodle was a love letter to the simple joys that make life extraordinary.

The motivation wasn’t fame or followers; it was a genuine love for storytelling through art. Xia.than embarked on this creative journey with the intention of spreading joy and relatability. Little did they know that their illustrations would resonate with thousands, creating a community of followers who find comfort and familiarity in the charming depictions of a couple’s daily lives.

#7. Love


#8. Beard

#9. Ever Experienced?


#10. Broken

#11. Hilarious


What makes Xia.than’s work truly exceptional is the authenticity infused into each illustration. These are not just characters on a screen; they’re reflections of the shared human experience. Whether it’s navigating the challenges of a rainy day or celebrating the small victories, Xia.than’s comics serve as a gentle reminder that love and laughter are found in the simplest moments.

#12. Washing

#13. Creativity


#14. Height

#15. Angry Mood


#16. That’s Weird

#17. Makeup


The Instagram account, now boasting a considerable following, has become a hub of positivity. Followers eagerly await the next doodle, not just for the artistic brilliance but for the warmth and familiarity it brings to their own lives. It’s a testament to the power of relatable content—a reminder that amidst the vastness of the internet, a small window into the everyday can create a deep connection.

#18. Headache

#19. Smash


#20. Hairstyle

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