Here are 20 Charming and Humorous Comics about the Lives of Animals

Charming and humorous comics depicting the lives of animals have a remarkable ability to captivate and entertain us. Through their endearing characters and witty narratives, these comics effortlessly bring a smile to our faces. The adorable anthropomorphic animals with their relatable quirks and expressions draw us into their world, fostering a sense of empathy and connection. As we delve into their amusing escapades and playful antics, we find ourselves laughing at the universal humor and lightheartedness that transcend species boundaries.

Working the Angles is a webcomic series created by Nick. It is about the charming personalities of real pets. The comics are drawn with love in the hopes that they encourage a love for animals in everyone. He is an Instagram artist who creates animated webcomics inspired by the personalities of real animals. The comics are cute, funny, and relatable, making them popular among animal lovers and comic fans alike. He has over 6,700 followers on Instagram.

In a world sometimes filled with stress and negativity, these comics offer a heartwarming and uplifting respite. They remind us that humor and joy can be found in the most unexpected places, whether it’s in the escapades of a clumsy bear or the antics of a curious cat. As we immerse ourselves in the endearing world of animal comics, we’re reminded to embrace the simplicity of life, cherish our connections with the natural world, and find laughter in the everyday moments that make life truly special. These delightful comics not only provide a much-needed dose of joy but also serve as a gentle reminder of the beauty and humor present in the simplest moments of life, both human and animal alike.

Credit: Working The Angles

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#1. Out of consideration

#2. Scene Better

#3. Mr. Pea Boy


#4. That Guy

#5. Snail

#6. How Great


#7. Life is Hard

#8. Eat

#9. Ever Feel Emotions


#10. Nothing Left

#11. Membership Card

#12. Believe


#13. For Good Reason

#14. Knows Better

#15. Nostalgic


#16. Disappear

#17. Do you need help?

#18. Sweet


#19. The Miracle of Nature

#20. Glow to well

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