20 Work Chronicles Sums Up the Humorous Struggles of Modern Office Life

Work Chronicles is an Instagram account that is famous for the humorous struggles of modern office life. The artist behind this comic series does not reveal his name. He captures the frustrations and funny situations that most people who have worked in an office will recognize. His well-known Instagram account is a great place to visit if you’ve ever worked in an office.

His comics deal with funny situations and frustrations from office life, like dealing with urgent tasks and coworkers. This could involve dealing with workplace politics, the challenges of working from home, or the typical Monday morning fear. He has 153,000 followers on his Instagram account. If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll likely relate to the humor in his comics in the following section.

Credit: Work Chronicles

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#1. Presentation Hell

#2. Excuse my heavy jargon

#3. Shake things up a bit


#4. When you ask for feedback

#5. Comfort Zone

#6. Putting in papers


Work Chronicles has developed a strong online community. On Facebook and Instagram, the artist interacts with fans, giving them an opportunity to talk about the comics and exchange thoughts about their own creative processes. Readers can find pleasure in the knowledge that they are not alone in experiencing daily work-related difficulties, which creates a sense of closeness among them.

#7. Safe space

#8. We need innovative features

#9. How to be more productive


#10. Solving Problems at Work

#11. Automate all the things

#12. Productivity fast and slow


#13. Data Driven

#14. Work Projects vs Personal Projects

With brilliant jokes, relatable characters, and surprising turns, he converts everyday situations into moments that make people laugh aloud. If you work in an office or have ever worked in a single one, you will undoubtedly be able to relate to his comics. In order to let us forget about our workplace issues and come back feeling refreshed, Work Chronicles offers us a healthy dose of humor. Click here and here to have even more fun.

#15. We encourage you to ask questions


#16. Hiring

#17. Retention Strategy

#18. Priorities


#19. The Interview vs The Actual Job

#20. The unique reason why I want to work at your company

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