20 Work Chronicles Comics Shows Struggles of Office Life

The term work cries is frequently used to refer to a collection of tales or comics that depict the range of situations, difficulties, and amusing incidents that happen at work. Usually, these diaries provide a humorous and relatable perspective on day-to-day office life, highlighting the unique aspects of work life, interactions with colleagues, and the ups and downs of working environments.

For anyone who has ever worked in an office, the popular Instagram account @_workchronicles is a great place to visit. The account portrays everyday aspects of office life using a variety of memes, videos, and comics. The account has 153,000 Instagram followers. His comics depict a wide range of subjects, including meetings, deadlines, and office politics. They are frequently realistic and self-deprecating. Let’s explore a few of his most amazing comics.

Credit: Work Chronicles

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#1. Just signed a new client

#2. Not if but when

#3. Concerned


#4. Delegate maintenance

#5. Working under pressure

#6. Sync ups


The creator has a skill for observing and capturing the funny moment of office life. But he does not reveal his name. He turns mundane situations into laugh-out-loud moments with clever puns, relatable characters, and unexpected twists. His comics are surely relatable to you if you are working in an office or have ever had experience working in an office.

#7. Networking Opportunity

#8. Face the consequences

#9. Thought Leader


#10. White Lies

#11. Units of Time

#12. Urgent


#13. Should be easy to do, right?

#14. Money Assets

#15. Learn to say No


His comics are aesthetically pleasing and easily readable for all audiences because of their straightforward yet effective drawing style. Laughing at our common office challenges can be a great way to relax sometimes. Work Chronicles offers us a good dose of humor to help us forget about our workplace problems and return feeling refreshed. To experience even more fun, click here.

#16. Negotiation Stalemate

#17. Stretch for the deadline

#18. Sacred Estimates


#19. Root of all Micromanagement

#20. High Leverage Work

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