These 20 Weird Whyatt Cartoons Definitely Tickle Your Funny Bone

We are going into the hilarious world of Tim Whyatt’s one-panel comics […]

We are going into the hilarious world of Tim Whyatt’s one-panel comics today. Whyatt cartoons are well-known because of their relatable comedy and wit, which will instantly make you giggle. If you have not seen his earlier articles on Bored Comics, then click here and here. He is an expert at creating extremely skilled jokes that hit the point each and every time. He has a talent for taking ordinary scenes and making them seem weird but still familiar, usually with just one panel.

The artist is skilled at pointing out the ridiculous aspects of human behavior while making fun of the quirks of our modern environment. Because of this, every one of his cartoons demonstrates his comic skill, taking the ordinary to the ridiculous. His obsessive desire to amuse himself becomes his only source of inspiration. He is going to continue doodling on the empty piece of paper until he comes up with something funny. It inspired him to start his own comic book series.

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Here are some of his best comics to make your day better:

#1. Learn to adapt

#2. Outback Club

#3. Have you found?


#4. Father son Bonding

#5. Cats and dogs

He is a well-known Australian cartoonist who has a great sense of humor. He is well-known for his clever, realistic comedy in his one-panel cartoons. His cartoons typically explore everyday incidents and information, finding comedy in the ordinary. With over 67,000 Facebook fans and still counting, Tim Whyatt has clearly captured the hearts of a sizable and constantly expanding fan base.

#6. Time for sleep


#7. Getting Notifications

#8. Nice Strategy

#9. Lightning Storms


#10. Gone to heaven

You will laugh loudly at this amazing selection of humor. These cartoons’ smart, funny, and realistic punchlines really make them stand out. Every masterful single-panel drawing has humorous moments and surprising twists. There’s a cartoon for everyone to appreciate, whether it’s the humorous antics of recognizable characters or his unique take on current affairs.

#11. Horny Singles

#12. Spoiler Alert


#13. Real estate agent

#14. Naughty List

#15. Feeding Time


His best comics are clearly relatable to and enjoyable for true fans of one-panel humor. Please feel free to browse Bored Comics for more comics of this kind. Additionally, keep checking back to Bored Comics, as we make every effort to provide you with amazing stuff that will brighten your day.

#16. Interventions

#17. Adjust

#18. Foreign Accent


#19. Marry Me

#20. When death comes

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