20 Times This Artist Makes his Audience Laugh Through Single-Panel Humor

Have you ever chuckled at a single-panel cartoon that encapsulated a whole story or observation in a brilliantly witty way? If so, you might have encountered the work of Tim Whyatt, a maestro in the world of delivering punchlines with surgical precision through his artwork. Whyatt’s artistic prowess resides in his knack for distilling hilarious narratives or clever observations into single-panel cartoons.

These little gems of humor pack a punch, leaving readers both chuckling and nodding in agreement simultaneously. They have a way of finding humor in life’s simplest situations, thanks to Whyatt’s perfect blend of relatable humor and razor-sharp wit. Starting from humble beginnings, Tim Whyatt ventured into the world of web comics with a creative flair that would soon capture the hearts of thousands. With over 68,000 Facebook followers and a fanbase that keeps growing, it’s clear that his humor strikes a chord with many. You can also see some of his previous posts on Bored Comics by clicking here.

Credit: Whyatt Cartoons

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#1. Laser

#2. Please Tell Me

#3. Snooze Button

#4. That’s Wrong

#5. Black and White

#6. Spoiler Alert

But how did it all begin? Whyatt’s journey into the realm of web comics started with a passion for both art and humor. He found that a single image could convey a thousand words, especially when infused with the right comedic elements. Armed with this realization, he set out on his creative journey, crafting cartoons that resonated with people from different walks of life.


#8. Got it

#9. Dating Service

#10. Romance

#11. Catholic

Now, about those brilliant ideas that make us laugh and think all at once—how do they come to him? Well, it’s a bit of magic mixed with observation and a keen sense of humor. Whyatt often draws inspiration from everyday situations, those tiny moments that might seem mundane at first glance but harbor immense comedic potential. Whether it’s a quirky interaction at a coffee shop or the peculiar behavior of household pets, he has an eye for spotting the humor in life’s seemingly ordinary occurrences.

#12. Boy

#13. Lightening Storms

#14. How Santa earns

#15. Trend

#16. Hilarious

#17. Hair Dryer

Sometimes, ideas strike when least expected. A sudden flash of insight during a morning jog or while doing the grocery shopping—these everyday activities can spark a brilliant concept for a cartoon. It’s this ability to see the humor in the mundane that sets Whyatt apart as a cartoonist extraordinaire. In the end, Tim Whyatt’s journey from a budding artist to a master of humorous storytelling through single-panel cartoons is a testament to the power of blending creativity, observation, and a unique perspective on life. His ability to distill the essence of humor into bite-sized visual delights continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next chuckle-inducing gem from his artistic repertoire.

#18. Casual Friday

#19. Milf

#20. Fast and Furious

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