20 Wheat Comics Full of Silly Situations and Random Twists

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We would like to present to you Wheat Comics, a webcomics on seemingly unrelated and strange topics. It is a series of online comics created by Michael Crozier. His comics often feature random situations, puns, and unexpected twists, leaving readers amused and entertained. However, they’re not all as random as certain comic strips; instead, they consist of hilarious jokes with surprising endings.


He always doodled a lot as a child, in notebooks and other materials. He even created a few little comics back then. The artist had started reading other people’s comics online around five years before, and he felt it would be interesting to give it a go. He began writing down ideas he found amusing and collected money for a tablet computer that could be used for drawing. Let’s enjoy his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Wheat Comics

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#1. Heart

image 154

#2. Mining Operation

image 155

#3. Come to defeat

image 156

#4. Sick

image 158

#5. Treasure Hoard

image 157

#6. Spelling Mistakes

image 159

Although he is originally from Canada, he is a 25-year-old software engineer in Colorado, US, with a Bachelor of Science in computer science. In 2017, he launched Wheat Comics during his third year of college. He was posting mainly on Facebook at first, but over the next several months, he felt it would be good to try and get him on other sites as well. He also developed his website during this time.

#7. Talk

image 160

#8. Puzzle

image 161

#9. Glass

image 162

#10. Sparkle

image 163

#11. Chain Mail

image 164

#12. Surrender

image 165

#13. Massive Drip

image 166

Although he did purchase his drawing tablet primarily for this purpose and had been sketching down ideas for months before creating his first comic, the artist claims he didn’t necessarily go in without a plan. That’s how this webcomic got its start. Please remember to share and enjoy his comics if you enjoy his work and the struggles that went into creating his webcomic. Have a great time.

#14. Talking Horse

image 167

#15. Postal Service

image 168

#16. Is that a threat?

image 169

#17. Wondering

image 170

#18. Bathroom Bandit

image 171

#19. Cabinet

image 172

#20. Thoughts

image 173

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