20 Wheat Comics Based on Hilarious Moments and Puns to Amuse You

Laughter is a physiological response that helps us release tension and stress. Funny comics provide a safe and enjoyable way to do this. But the choice of comics varies from person to person. Some of them love to enjoy dark humor, and some of them love to watch regular humor comics. For those with a sense of dark humor, the good news is that we have another good collection of comics for them.

We are pleased to introduce to you a web comic covering unexpected and obviously unrelated subjects with the username Wheat Comics. It is a collection of comics that Michael Crozier created and is available online. His comics usually include bizarre situations, jokes, and surprising turns that delight and amuse readers. They aren’t all as random as other comic strips, though. Rather, they’re funny jokes with unexpected turns of events.

He always doodled a lot as a child, in notebooks and other materials. He even created a few little comics back then. The artist had started reading other people’s comics online around five years ago, and he felt it would be interesting to give it a go. He began writing down ideas he found amusing, which ultimately led him to start his comic series. If you want to enjoy his best work, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Wheat Comics

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#1. Crispy Rice

#2. Ruler of this domain

#3. Speechless


#4. Quick Emergency

#5. Long Line

#6. Little Rough


He has amassed up to 2,086 fans on his profile on Instagram since he started making darkly humorous comics shortly. His following demonstrates that he does not have much success. His comics focus primarily on dark humor. He creates comics on everything and nothing, as stated in his bio. His comics are always based on dumb ideas and a four-panel format, which most people enjoy.

#7. Date

#8. Sky Writing

#9. It’s Madness


#10. Commentator

#11. Burn Out

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and is a twenty five years old software developer based in Colorado, US, despite being originally from Canada. He started Wheat Comics in 2017 while he was a third-year college student. At first, he was mostly posting on Facebook, but over the course of the following few months, he thought it would be beneficial to try to get him on other websites as well. During this time, he developed his website as well.

#12. Climbing Trees


#13. Something to fill the void in your life

#14. Narrator

#15. Life of a straw


#16. Engagement

#17. Have Your attention

Please remember to share and enjoy his comics if you enjoy his work and the struggles that went into creating them. For more of his comics on our website, you have to simply visit here. Keep coming back to Bored Comics for more fabulous content.

#18. Trust Issues


#19. Mug Shot

#20. Cheating is a sin

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