20 Comics Features Slice-of-Life Stories about Childhood and Teenage

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Comics often showcase the charm and complexities of childhood and teenage years through engaging slice-of-life stories. These narratives delve into the everyday experiences, friendships, family dynamics, and personal growth of young characters. They capture the essence of growing up, complete with its triumphs and tribulations. These comics provide readers with a relatable and nostalgic journey, evoking memories of their own youth while offering insights into the universal themes of adolescence, making them a cherished genre in the world of comic storytelling.


Whatsup Beanie is an Instagram artist whose real name is Alina Tysoe. She is a comic artist and animator who draws relatable and humorous comics about everyday life. Her comics often feature animals, especially puppies, which she loves very much. Tysoe has over 1 million followers on Instagram. The comic series features slice-of-life stories about childhood, teenage angst, and socially awkward adulthood. Tysoe’s art is known for its simple and clean style. Her comics often capture the relatable moments of everyday life.

The artist excels at capturing the essence of growing up. The comics often feature relatable situations, such as awkward social encounters, the trials and tribulations of school life, family dynamics, and the pursuit of personal passions. Readers of all ages find these stories resonate with their own memories of youth. Her comics evoke a sense of nostalgia for readers, transporting them back to their own childhoods or teenage years. This nostalgia is paired with the universality of the themes explored, allowing readers to connect with the comics on a deeply personal level. I highly recommend checking out her work if you’re looking for some relatable and humorous comics.

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Credit: Whatsup Beanie

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#1. Overheating

FB IMG 1694845387720

#2. Presents For You

FB IMG 1694845393421

#3. Time Crisis

FB IMG 1694845400157

#4. Sleep

FB IMG 1694845404080

#5. Book Reading

FB IMG 1694845410809

#6. Game Time

FB IMG 1694845415198

#7. Leaf Falls

FB IMG 1694845418959

#8. Snacks

FB IMG 1694845424156

#9. Hug Off

FB IMG 1694845429878

#10. Angry Mood

FB IMG 1694845438921

#11. No More Book

FB IMG 1694845448324

#12. Bored

FB IMG 1694845451945

#13. So Sweet!

FB IMG 1694845455690

#14. Existential Thoughts

FB IMG 1694845459506

#15. Happy Birthday!

FB IMG 1694845464199

#16. Trimming Hair

FB IMG 1694845468254

#17. What’s That?

FB IMG 1694845482561

#18. Getting Old

FB IMG 1694845493162

#19. Do Anything

FB IMG 1694845478912

#20. Writing a Story

FB IMG 1694845500108

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