Here are the 20 Wholesome and Cute Comics by “What’s up Beanie”

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For artists, creating comics is the ideal way to express their imagination and creativity. Fans find these innovations amusing all the time. Indeed, comics frequently open up new vistas for us, provide unlikely scenarios, and even question conventional wisdom. We’ll use an artist we’ve just introduced to demonstrate how there are no boundaries in the realm of comics, where imagination and originality are kings.


We are here to introduce you to another artist by the name of “Beanie” for that reason. She is a cartoonist who depicts her life in cute and humorous drawings, making people smile in the process. What’s up, Beanie? her comic strip series, is devoted to the incidental events in her life. We are confident that you can relate to these examples if you are married or in a relationship.

By making comics about these subjects, she was able to collect 976,000 followers on her Instagram account. Because so many people discover her connection and her comedies there, they may value their relationships more, making the original gags and charm even more alluring. I bet single guys will want to find a partner for themselves after seeing her work. Her 20 cutest recent illustrations have been compiled for your enjoyment. Have fun!

Credit: What’s up Beanie

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Website


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