20 Unformation Comics Full of Weird Situations and Clever Punchlines

In the context of Instagram art, Unformation is an account that has gained popularity recently. The creator of this comic series is an anonymous individual with 2,634 followers on social media. His bizarre, illogical, and darkly humorous illustrations set him apart in a world where everyone else is attempting to be unique. He makes comics only for a short time, due to which he is not able to achieve a large following.

He draws comics about whatever ridiculous idea he gets through, and it usually succeeds. His comics are funny and relevant because they typically show ordinary situations that have been deformed in some way. His drawings stand out above simple illustrations because of his friendly, humorous, and even interesting punchlines. We have included his top twenty illustrations in the section that follows.

Credit: Unformation

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#1. Understood

#2. Dentist

#3. Excuse Me


#4. Santa

#5. Hold The Door

#6. Close Out


The artist says that his comics are not for everyone because they are mostly based on weird themes and jokes. But people who enjoy dark and strange humor most probably liked his comics and are always waiting for his new comics. His comics have a simple design, but due to clever jokes, they become eye-catching and worth watching.

#7. Single One

#8. So Rich

#9. Mix


#10. Drawing Comics

#11. Society

#12. Beast


#13. Child Name

#14. Prime Minister

This web comic has become known for its weird and humorous attitude. It explores everyday happenings in an unusual way, finding comedy in the strange and uncomfortable circumstances. His comics, despite their dark humor, mostly focus on accessible topics such as societal worries and life’s overall weirdness. If you like his comics, then do not forget to comment about your favorite one.

#15. Kidnapped


#16. Interest

#17. New Haircut

#18. Food Critic


#19. Together

#20. Wanted You

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