20 Times Cartoonist Flandrew Makes Comics Related to Gaming Experiences

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Flandrew is the creator of a humorous comics series based on relatable gaming experiences. The artist is most recognized for his work on Instagram, where he goes by @the_flandrew. He mainly focuses on the media, video games, and the dark side of humor in his simple artwork. Gamers and followers of entertainment have taken an interest in his comics because of their lighthearted and often ridiculous humor.


Additionally, he has 5,546 Instagram followers. His comics are primarily inspired by real-world events that gamers and lovers of popular culture are familiar with, like the excitement of defeating a challenging boss in a game or the thrill of a new release. For readers who enjoy dark-humor comics, their wide range of humor might be refreshing. You can identify with these twenty comics in the section that follows if you’re a gamer.

Credit: Flandrew

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#1. Game Completed

image 1750

#2. Golf Tour

image 1751

#3. Save Point

image 1752

#4. New Year Resolutions

image 1753

#5. Christmas Presents

image 1754

#6. Generations come and go, but the ledge stays the same

image 1755

Seeing his illustrations is the most successful way to transform negative thoughts into positive ones. His comics could cheer you up if you’re not feeling well. While the creator thinks that his comics’ dramatic and lovable combination will make readers laugh, his omics often use a dark humor that appeals to many players who understand the ridiculousness of the world of gaming.

#7. Design Meeting

image 1756

#8. Gaming

image 1757

#9. Champion

image 1758

#10. Controller

image 1759

#11. Poor Link

image 1760

#12. The Circle of Life

image 1761

#13. Wish

image 1762

#14. Retro Games

image 1763

His content is mostly video game-related, with videos discussing Pokemon Legends Arceus and nostalgic references to Harry Potter for PS1. His comics are always enjoyable and amusing for those who love to enjoy gamers. We would highly recommend checking out his comics if you enjoy dark humor, video games, and are looking for a good laugh. 

#15. So many things to look forward

image 1766

#16. Great

image 1765

#17. Installing Game

image 1767

#18. New Switch

image 1768

#19. Christmas

image 1770

#20. Breath of the Wild Weapon Durability

image 1771

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