20 Twonk Comics Shows Humorous Situations That Happen in Daily Life

The Instagram account Twonk Comics was started by illustrator and artist Steve Nelson from the Netherlands. In April 2022, he founded Twonk Comics as a platform to express his humor to the world. The account includes a number of comics about the Twonks, a strange group of deformed creatures. Even though the twonks are often seen in daily life, their unusual attitude and actions constantly make people laugh.


He’s great at coming up with smart puns, wordplay, and visual humor. These components mix in perfectly with the artwork, improving the balance between the pictures and the text. His writing has received recognition for its humor, bizarre comedy, and uniqueness. The artist’s original comics and bizarre artwork make him so popular. His Instagram account currently has 67,900 followers. Here are some of his best comics for your enjoyment.

Credit: Twonk Comics

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#1. Look After


#2. Single


#3. Pregnant

#4. Work Day


#5. Nasty Bug

#6. Undercover


This comic creator developed a love for drawing and storytelling at a young age. He loved to fill notebooks with doodles and stories as a kid. According to him, drawing comics can be a great way to express creativity, humor, or social commentary. That’s why he started this comic series, and now it’s popular in the world of comics.

#7. Dog Bite

#8. Clean Fight


#9. Wedding

#10. Long Legs


#11. Nice Style

#12. Strategy


#13. Babysit

Famous for its colorful images full of smart punchlines that make you laugh out loud, Twonk Comics is known for its quirky style. His work is enjoyable to study because of its artistic flare, wit, and humor, which provide a new and unique viewpoint on a variety of subjects. His amusing illustrations never fail to amuse and make readers smile. If you also like his comics and want to enjoy them more, then click here.

#14. Baby Stop


#15. Fiction Section

#16. Play Dead


#17. No Wire

#18. For Sale


#19. Slacking Off

#20. Tragic Accident


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