Step into the Hilarious World Where Everyday Life Meets Comic Relief (20 Comics)


Welcome to the zany universe of, an online sanctuary crafted by the ingenious cartoonist Amber, hailing from the vibrant city of Pune, India. It’s not just a website; it’s a portal that transports you to a dimension of giggles, grins, and all-out laughter. Amber’s forte lies in spinning rib-tickling comics that take a humorous jab at the mundanity of our daily lives. From navigating the chaos of relationships to finding the absurdity in everyday situations, her comics are like a friendly nudge that says, “Hey, life’s quirks are worth chuckling about!”

Sit back, relax, and get ready for a laughter-infused escape as unravels its treasure trove of fun-filled gags and situational satires. Amber’s knack for distilling life’s funny moments into simple yet effective comics is a stroke of brilliance. She’s a maestro at encapsulating the essence of relatable scenarios and turning them into comic gold.


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#1. Work From Home


#2. Value

#3. Metro


#4. Rare Photo

#5. Idiots


Your morning coffee mishap turned into a sidesplitting panel or the hilarity of a pet’s antics immortalized in a strip. That’s the magic of—taking the ordinary and transforming it into an extraordinary chucklefest. One of the secret ingredients to’s success is its cozy corner on Instagram, where a whopping 2,712 followers (and counting!) eagerly anticipate each new dose of mirth. It’s a digital hangout where Amber’s comics transcend boundaries, bringing together a community of laughter lovers from all walks of life.

#6. Difference

#7. Expectations Vs Reality


#8. Hand Writing

#9. Introvert


#10. Take Off

What sets apart isn’t just the humor; it’s the ability to find joy in the little things, to see the world through a lens of merriment, and to appreciate the beauty of a hearty laugh. Through Amber’s artistic finesse, she doesn’t just draw comics; she crafts invitations to join in on life’s joviality.

#11. Socialization


#12. Chilling Question

#13. Tastes


#14. Chat GPT

#15. Sweet Talk


#16. Coffee

So, whether you’re seeking a break from the mundane or just a hearty chuckle to brighten your day, is your go-to destination. It’s a testament to the fact that in this chaotic world, a dash of humor, served up in delightful comics, can be the ultimate remedy. Join the bandwagon of laughter aficionados and dive headfirst into the comical universe of Who knows, you might just discover that life’s quirks are best appreciated with a grin on your face and a comic in your hand!

#17. Let me see


#18. Vacation

#19. Appearances


#20. Trip

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