20 Twisted Comics by Cartoonist Tony Esp, Who is Better Known for Dark Humor

Tony Esp is a Mexican comic artist and animator who creates dark-humor comics with unexpected endings. He has gained popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, his handle is @ttonyesp, where he has 37,600 followers, 112 followings, and 242 posts. On Twitter, his handle is @ttonyesp, where he describes himself as “the scum of the earth and also a comic artist and animator”. He has been creating hilarious dark humor comics with unexpected endings since 2016.

Tony Esp’s twisted comics are a showcase of his mastery of blending the bizarre with the comical. With a deft stroke of his pen, he navigates the fine line between laughter and discomfort, crafting narratives that beckon readers to question the norms that shape our perceptions. His dark humor serves as a tool for social commentary, allowing him to address complex themes and issues with a touch of irony and satire.

What sets Tony Esp apart is his fearless approach to tackling taboo subjects. His comics fearlessly explore the uncharted territories of human experience, often delving into the absurd and the surreal. Through his art, he challenges preconceived notions and encourages us to confront uncomfortable truths, all while eliciting genuine laughter from his audience. He believes that nothing is off the table when it comes to comedy, but he has his standards and preferences. He takes criticism as an opportunity to improve his art. Tony Esp’s comics are quirky, relatable, and occasionally downright weird. His Instagram account is a great place to check out his work if you are a fan of dark humor and unexpected endings.

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Credit: Tony Esp

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#1. Are you okay?

#2. The Boyfriend

#3. War Zone


#4. New Car

#5. The Trip

#6. End game


#7. The Awareness

#8. Relaxing

#9. The Rumor


#10. The Status

#11. Mugging

#12. Snooper


#13. Criminal

#14. Parenting

#15. Ghost Problems


#16. Trial

#17. Great Power

#18. Courtesy


#19. The Chef

#20. Stranger Danger

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