20 Tomics Comics Based on Fantasy and Hilarious Situations


You have seen many comics while scrolling through social media. But the comic strip, which we will introduce today, you have not seen before. Tomics is a web comic created by talented artist Tom Gould. It features Bible-based cartoons with a focus on humor and fun artwork. Most of his comics are based on fantasy themes with hilarious twists. It primarily features Jesus and his disciples during their travels, though it occasionally explores other amusing figures and even Jesus’s childhood.

He currently has a huge audience of 18,600 followers on his Instagram account and 50,000 followers on his Facebook account. The humor generally revolves around comedic takes on beliefs and puns. You can find new comics every Friday since 2014 across social media and his main website. You can also enjoy his best comics by scrolling down to the following section.

Credit: Tomics

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#1. Ready to go


#2. Valentines day

#3. sweeping


#4. precious faith

#5. free of anxieties


#6. repent

His comics often show Jesus, his disciples, and even modern-day situations with a religious spin. He uses simple and clever lines, expressive characters, and often bright colors. His comics are mostly based on four panels with a hilarious touch. The main aim of the artist is to make people laugh through his hilarious content.

#7. Sacrifices


#8. Lamb

#9. let me hold the baby


#10. Strange weather

#11. Jesus


#12. on your mark

#13. That’s how you get their attention


#14. we can hope

#15. drawing


The most satisfying aspect of being a comic book artist, according to the creator, is witnessing the joy he can bring to his readers and having them follow him. Without them, he wouldn’t be very motivated to continue creating comics. He enjoys reading encouraging comments on his posts. That’s the primary cause of his success. Please be sure to share and leave a comment on the blog if you find it interesting.

#16. story of a soul

#17. retreat


#18. That’s better

#19. we loose


#20. No

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