20 Toma Comics Portrays His Everyday Life With His Cats


Toma Comics is an Instagram account known for exploring the relatable lives of cats. It is owned by a Romanian artist named Toma Neufeld. He is a multi-talented artist with a strong background in graphic design, 3D modeling, and animation. His comics can range from humorous observations on daily life with his cats to artistic explorations. He currently has an audience of 62,100 followers on his Instagram account.

His original intention for this web comic was to be a documentary of his daily life’s little moments spent with his cats, but it quickly gained popularity. He speaks with many individuals on talk shows on the internet who tell us that we still make dumb mistakes in our sweet comedies, and that’s what makes it so adorable. He really just depicts his cats’ lives and how they search for food, boxes, and toys that they misplace behind the couch. Let’s enjoy his best comics.

Credit: Toma Comics

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#1. Time to start work


#2. Snuggles

#3. Kitchen Table


#4. Spoil the cats

#5. See it


#6. Adorable

It’s well known for its humor, relatable situations, and adorable cat things. Her comic’s creative and realistic depiction of daily life, which often highlights the sweet and funny moments spent with loved ones, especially the furry ones, is what makes it so relatable. They are always enjoyed by people who have cats in their homes or have ever had the experience of owning a cat.

#7. Caring


#8. Feed us

#9. Snuggle time


#10. Interesting

#11. Grooming


#12. New box

#13. Scared


#14. Ready to start

His clever language and appealing drawings perfectly expressed these fascinating cat companions. In the universe of his comics, humans and animals live in friendship. It’s a lovely reminder that cats’ endearing personalities, despite their funny nature, are what make them such beloved members of the family. Hopefully, you people enjoyed this blog. For more such comics, regularly visit our website.

#15. That’s good


#16. So hot

#17. Best day


#18. Slower

#19. New Costume


#20. Paper bag

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