20 Times Cartoonist Tom Falco Entertains His Audience Only Through One Panel Comics

Creating single-panel comics, despite their simplicity and brevity, can actually be quite challenging. With only one panel to convey your message or punchline, every element in the comic must be concise and clear. You have to tell a story or deliver a joke in a small space, which requires efficient use of imagery and text. In a single panel, you must rely heavily on visual storytelling. This means you need to convey a lot of information through the image alone. Picking the right visual cues and arranging them in a way that communicates the intended message can be tricky.


In comics, timing is crucial. Achieving the perfect comedic timing or delivering a punchline effectively within a single image can be challenging. You need to ensure that readers understand the joke or message instantly. To capture the reader’s attention and imagination, we bring you a new collection of single-panel comics. You can also visit some previous posts on Boredcomics by simply clicking here and here.

Credit: Tomversation.toons

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#1. Rain Free

#2. Options


#3. Home Sweet Home

#4. Get a Job


#5. Cheating Death

While multi-panel comics are a common sight, crafting a compelling single-panel comic is an art in itself. This concise format presents a unique challenge for artists as it demands that they encapsulate an entire narrative, or at the very least, a punchline, within the confines of a single frame. It’s no wonder that mastering single-panel comics is a feat only a few have accomplished, and one such artist who has undeniably achieved mastery in this field is Tom Falco.

#6. Which comes first?


#7. Rock

#8. Artist at work


#9. Where are the kids?

#10. October


Tomversation.toons is an Instagram account created by Tom Falco, an artist known for his old-school and entertaining one-panel comics. Tomversation.toons is an Instagram account where Tom Falco posts his one-panel comics. The account has 8,842 followers and features a collection of his unique and humorous artwork. Tom Falco has honed the skill of knowing precisely when to deliver the punchline or humorous twist, ensuring that the comic’s impact is felt immediately. His composition is equally masterful, making sure that every visual element contributes to the humor or message he intends to convey.

#11. It’s Taylor’s Game

#12. Raised in a Barn


#13. The Game

#14. Traylor Sightings


#15. On Line

#16. What does he do?


#17. Making and Drinking

Tom Falco stands out as an artist who has mastered the intricacies of the single-panel comic. His work is characterized by its simplicity, yet it’s packed with humor, often offering a snapshot of everyday life with a twist that leaves viewers amused. The mastery of his craft lies in his ability to find humor in the ordinary and to deliver it effectively within the confines of a single frame. Tom Falco’s comics are a testament to the power of simplicity, humor, and the talent to encapsulate life’s little ironies in a single panel, leaving his audience both entertained and impressed.

#18. No Face ID


#19. Word

#20. Enraged


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