20 Hilarious One Panel Comics Full of Absurd Situations and Twists

One panel comics are a type of comic strip that consists of a single panel. These comics are filled with absurd situations and silly humor that can make anyone chuckle. The most challenging part of creating a single-panel cartoon is coming up with ideas. Unlike a continuing strip where the story may carry on for a week or so and the characters often write themselves, the single-panel cartoon has a different subject daily along with a different gag, so coming up with ideas is the challenge.

Tomversation.toons is a daily comic strip created by Tom Falco. The comic strip is published on his website, Tomversation.com, and on his social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Tom Falco is a cartoonist who has been drawing and cartooning since he was young. His cartoons have appeared in numerous print publications and online. In addition to his comic strip, his blog covers topics such as pop culture, art, history, and culture. The artist claims that it is difficult to make people happy through only a single panel, and it also takes a lot of time.

Although he does not have a large audience on his Instagram account, his comics are worth watching. His comics are always full of absurd situations, and his main aim is to make his audience happy. One-panel comics are a great way to escape from the stresses of everyday life. They are simple yet effective, and they can make anyone laugh. Tom Falco’s one-panel comics are published every weekday at TomFalco.com and on his social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. They are a perfect way to start your day with a smile.

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Credit: Tomversation.toons

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#1. Thinking

One panel comics

#2. The Guru

One panel comics

#3. Big bill

One panel comics

#4. Clubbing

One panel comics

#5. Better

One panel comics

#6. Party talk

One panel comics

#7. Unfriended

One panel comics

#8. Banks today

One panel comics

#9. Strike

One panel comics

#10. No need to pray

One panel comics

#11. This is me

One panel comics

#12. Let’s hang!

#13. Living the dream

#14. Instagrammable

#15. Sign, please

#16. Wasting time

#17. Working remotely

#18. Living the dream

#19. Post no bills

#20. Skip intro

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