Cartoonist Tim Creates 20 Comics about him and his Adopted Baby Dragon

An online comic series named Tim and Bash tells the story of a baby dragon that a firefighter adopts. The comic chronicles their charming and humorous adventures. It’s a web comic about a firefighter named Tim who adopts a baby dragon named Bash. Michael Choma, a writer and illustrator, created the comics. Since he began the series in 2018, it has grown in popularity as an internet comic. On Instagram, he has 37,500 followers.


The comics, which follow the two friends as they navigate their lives together, are humorous and exciting. His comic follows their heartwarming and humorous adventures as they navigate life together and everyday mishaps. The stories are often lighthearted and funny, but they also explore themes of friendship, responsibility, and facing your fears. Let’s explore their best 20 comics.

Credit: Tim And Bash

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#1. A brave peasant indeed

#2. When you act tough but deep down you’re a softie


#3. Why does he do that?

#4. The Hunter


#5. Human vs Dragon thinking

#6. Happy Christmas


His comics show their heartwarming and hilarious adventures as they navigate everyday life, dragon training, and unexpected situations. He has a dedicated and supportive community of fans who love the comics, characters, and creators. You can find them on the official website and on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

#7. Where’s Bash?


#8. Listen to me

#9. Hello


#10. Like my job

#11. Friends


#12. Hilarious

#13. Pain


#14. Easy

#15. Look Terrible


The comic series follows the charming activities of Tim and Bash, the fire-spitting child dragon, as they take us on an exciting and humorous journey. Tim, the firefighter with a golden heart, creates heartwarming comics. We always like reading their comics, which never fail to make us laugh. If you want to enjoy more such comics, then click here.

#16. Experience

#17. Different Moods


#18. Nice costume

#19. Stairs


#20. Successful

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