20 Funny Comics About Adventures of a Baby Dragon Who is Adopted by a Firefighter

Comics about adventures have a unique charm that never fails to amuse us. The combination of visually captivating illustrations and witty storytelling creates a delightful escape into imaginative worlds. Through the colorful pages, we embark on thrilling journeys alongside charismatic characters, whether it’s a daring superhero, a mischievous dragon, or an ordinary individual turned extraordinary. The unexpected twists, clever dialogues, and comedic situations keep us engaged, leaving us eagerly anticipating each panel’s revelation.

Tim and Bash is an online comic series about a baby dragon who is adopted by a firefighter. The comic follows their cute and funny adventures. It is a webcomic series about a firefighter named Tim who adopts a baby dragon named Bash. The comics are full of humor and adventure, and they follow the two friends as they navigate their lives together. The comics were created by artist and writer Michael Choma. He started the series in 2018, and it has since become a popular online comic. He has 5,015 Instagram followers.

The comic series takes us on a journey filled with laughter and excitement as we follow the adorable antics of Bash, the fire-spitting baby dragon, and the ever-patient Tim. Tim, the firefighter with a heart of gold, provides a nurturing environment for the mischievous Bash to thrive in. As they navigate their lives together, the comic showcases the development of their unique friendship. Tim’s guidance and understanding nurture Bash’s playful nature, while Bash, in turn, adds a touch of whimsy and magic to Tim’s otherwise ordinary life. Tim and Bash’s heartwarming journey will undoubtedly continue to captivate readers, leaving them eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this delightful webcomic series.

Credit: Tim and Bash

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#1. Tickle Tickle

#2. Treasure hunt

#3. Christmas

#4. Dragons love Christmas

#5. Secret entrance

#6. So disappointing

#7. Why do you do that?

#8. When you act tough

#9. Having a dragon has its perks

#10. Living room

#11. One step at a time

#12. Magic is in the air

#13. It’s only matter of time

#14. There’s no loyality these days

#15. Late night study session

#16. When guests come to stay

#17. Future

#18. One step at a time

#19. When you’re out of sync

#20. Peaceful

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