20 Three Under the Rain Comics About Artist and Her Boyfriend

We are back to discuss a comic series that is based on three characters. This comic series was created by a female artist. The three characters are the artist herself, her partner, and her dog. Based on these characters, she named her Instagram account Three Under the Rain. Brisa is the name of the artist, and she is an illustrator. Joan is her boyfriend, and Marly is the name of their dog.


This skilled couple created a fun web comic series that features their lovable drawings and illustrations. It’s a collection of wonderful artwork covering a wide range of subjects, mostly themed around everyday happenings, the natural world, and love. She currently has a huge audience of 386,000 followers on her Instagram account. We have collected her best awesome comics for you in the following section.

Credit: Three Under The Rain

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#1. Monkey hug


#2. Adorable


#3. Please

#4. Slap


#5. Massage

#6. Hilarious


Her first four-panel illustration was uploaded to Instagram in 2017. Following its enjoyment by the public, he launches it professionally. Brisa discovered her passion for art at an early age. She spent countless hours perfecting her craft and experimenting with different appearances. Brisa’s humorous illustrations portray her daily routine with Joan, the love of her life, and their dog companion.

#7. Such a mess

#8. Wholesome


#9. Sleeping Positions

#10. They are Perfect


#11. One Day

#12. Coffee lovers


#13. Stop distracting

#14. Care


She typically discusses her own common experiences. Brisa is well known for her charming color artwork and loving themes in her comics. She frequently shows happy, calm views of the outdoors, cute dogs, and lovely couples. Whether you need some inspiration or a little happiness, Three Under the Rain is sure to brighten your day. Visit these links to see some of her previous comics: Here And Here.

#15. Sure it will

#16. Always Together


#17. So lucky

#18. Heart


#19. Stairs

#20. Hair style


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