Here are 20 illustrations about the everyday life of a couple and their dog

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In the bustling world of social media, where viral trends and the ever-changing landscape of content compete for our attention, there are gems that offer something profoundly different. One such gem is the Instagram account “Three Under The Rain” (@threeundertherain), where everyday life is transformed into heartwarming and humorous illustrations centered around a couple and their beloved dog, Marly. With over 389,000 followers and counting, this account stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of relatable, simple, and charming content.


The heart of “Three Under the Rain” lies in its simplicity. The illustrations are drawn in a straightforward, cartoony style, characterized by black and white lines. While some may underestimate the power of such minimalism, it is precisely this simplicity that allows the emotions and narratives to shine through. The absence of complexity in the visuals shifts the focus to the content and the characters’ relatability. You can enjoy their comics by clicking here and scrolling down to the section below.

Credit: Three Under The Rain

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#1. Burden

image 794

#2. Spank Time

image 774

#3. Awful Day

image 775

#4. Good Night

image 776

#5. Love You

image 777

#6. Brush Time

image 778

Despite the lack of intricate details, the characters in these comics are remarkably expressive. Their faces and body language convey a wide range of emotions, making it easy for readers to connect with the stories. You can almost hear their laughter, feel their frustration, and share in their moments of joy.

#7. Heartwarming

image 779

#8. Best Therapy

image 780

#9. Home Date

image 781

#10. Dog Lover

image 782

#11. Cheeks

image 783

They excel at portraying the beauty and humor found in the ordinary moments of life. The comics capture the ups and downs of daily existence, focusing on the joys and challenges that come with living alongside a beloved pet. From shared laughter during movie nights to the exasperation of Marly’s mischief, the comics mirror our own experiences and the uniqueness of everyday life.

#12. Happy Birthday

image 784

#13. Dreams

image 785

#14. Chatting

image 786

#15. Care

image 787

#16. My Healer

image 788

#17. Couch Buddy

image 789

Life is filled with unexpected moments of humor, and “Three Under the Rain” skillfully mines these occurrences. From Marly’s entertaining antics to the comical mix-ups and misunderstandings between the couple, the comics find hilarity in the ordinary. They turn the mundane into sources of laughter, reminding us that laughter is often the best response to life’s curveballs. Whether it’s the couple snuggled up on the couch with Marly, going for a leisurely stroll, or simply enjoying a quiet day at home, these illustrations resonate with anyone who has ever cherished the companionship of a furry friend. They remind us that life’s most treasured moments often occur in the simplest of settings.

#18. Massage

image 790

#19. Hair Dry

image 793

#20. Just do not overthink

image 791

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