Here are 20 heartwarming comics by Three Under The Rain

Three Under the Rain is a delightful website and online shop run by a talented couple, Brisa, who is an illustrator, and Joan, featuring their heartwarming comics and illustrations. It’s not a single comic series but rather a collection of beautiful artwork with a range of topics, frequently revolving around love, the natural world, and everyday occurrences.

In September 2017, she posted her first single-panel comic on Instagram. Her webcomic series, Three Under the Rain, with its realistic and charming themes, has amassed a sizable following of 391,000 readers. At a young age, Brisa found her love for art. She devoted many hours to mastering her skills and trying out various looks. Comic sketches by Brisa depict her everyday life with Joan, the man of her life, and their dog, Marly. Let’s explore their best 20 comics.

Credit: Three Under The Rain

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#1. Back to home

#2. To keep it forever

#3. Beautiful Eyes

#4. True Love

#5. Winter

#6. One More

She is a talented artist who has mastered the craft of storytelling, and we may all be inspired by her work. Usually, she talks about her own ordinary experiences. Brisa’s comics are renowned for their sweet themes and lovely color illustrations. She frequently portrays happy, peaceful views from nature, adorable dogs, and attractive couples.

#7. What are you doing?

#8. Show me

#9. Two trips

#10. Hilarious

#11. Roller Coaster

#12. Hug

#13. Caught it

#14. Coffee Time

#15. Good Morning

#16. True Love

Her illustrations are an appreciation of love, friendship, and the beauty of everyday life. Three Under the Rain is a lovely celebration of love, friendship, and the beauty of everyday life. Three Under the Rain is guaranteed to make your day, whether you’re searching for a little joy or just some motivation. Do check these links here and here and explore the world of charming comics and stunning illustrations created by Brisa and Joan.

#17. Stop it

#18. Holding Hands

#19. Seasonal Clothes

#20. Little Things

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