This Artist’s 25 Hilarious Comics illustrate Silly and Awkward Things

Eirinnske is a young comic artist from Brisbane, Australia. Through her amusing comics, which perfectly depict all the silly and awkward situations we encounter every day, she will make us smile and laugh. The comics we’re about to present to you right now are creations by Eirinnske that illustrate unpleasant situations in daily life. These drawings are weird, silly, out of context, and have unexpectedly amusing endings.

Eirinnske Comics is about a socially awkward green-haired girl. Her artworks are typically inspired by her own life experiences or objectives. She admitted drawing sketches of dogs when she was younger and desperately wanting one. After that, she began painting about her friends and her high school crush before taking a brief break. She currently has an audience of 20,800 followers on her Instagram account.

With a constant desire to create, Eirinnske equally enjoyed creating and sharing amusing Pokémon-themed comics as well as comics about her daily life. Eirinnske frequently finds inspiration while drifting off to sleep, and her comics may unquestionably be viewed as relatable. We’ve chosen the best of Eirinnske to make your day better. Please enjoy and take a look at our collection!

Credit: Eirinnske Comics

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