20 Things In Squares Comics Capture Relatable Situations in Everyday Life

Things in Squares is a web comic created by a talented artist named Cale. He is an artist famous on Instagram for his lighthearted and sometimes absurd humor comics that capture relatable situations in everyday life. His comic strips typically feature characters with simple, square-shaped bodies and a hilarious artistic style. He has a strong online presence and has amassed a social media following of over 318,000 on Instagram.


Cale has always loved drawing and storytelling, leading them to create comics at a young age. He started with doodles and sketches, gradually evolving them into comic strips. He was also inspired by other comic creators and decided to try their hand at the art form. These motivations led him to create comics in a well-detailed way, and now he is a well-known artist in the world of comics. You can check out his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Things In Squares

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#1. Nothing


#2. Ghost


#3. there will be bread

#4. But why?


#5. Dream

#6. Global Warming


He maintains a sense of mystery about himself as he does not share so much information about himself, letting the comics themselves do the talking. And he achieved his goal because his comics are always enjoyed by his huge audience. His comics explore funny and slightly strange situations in a lighthearted way, which makes his comics even more enjoyable.

#7. Thanksgiving

#8. Bald Man


#9. Give me a bite

#10. Popcorn


#11. Is this loss?

#12. Hilarious


#13. So cute

#14. Did it


#15. Second coming

The complex nature of human emotions, relationships, and everyday challenges is frequently explored in his comics. He mostly captures these situations in a four- or six-panel format. If you enjoy relatable humor and a touch of the absurd, then Things in Squares comics might be a web comic series you’d enjoy checking out by clicking here and here.

#16. Used to think


#17. Fire

#18. Good bye


#19. Laundry

#20. Having Rights


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