These 20 Wholesome illustrations are about a Puppy who Likes Pie and Drawing

Those of you who already have puppies know how much work and responsibility go into caring for a pet. It demands a lot of time, money, patience, effort, and other resources. Furthermore, you are familiar with the difficulties that only dog owners can comprehend. As you are probably aware, dogs and cats have very different personalities. Even though dogs have always been regarded as man’s closest friend, they are not without issues.

The “Chicken Puppie” webcomic is a brand-new series that I’d like to introduce to you. It’s all about pups in this webcomic series. This webcomic’s creator has made the decision to maintain his anonymity in front of his readers. Not even his name is disclosed. But the color arrangements in his illustrations make them stand out. 18,100 people are currently following him on Instagram.

“Just a pup that likes pie and paintings,” says his bio. Here are 20 wholesome comics that show some of the cute situations a dog lover encounters on a daily basis. If you also possess a puppy, you will hysterically encounter many of the following situations: The author hopes that all of you will like these humorous and relevant slice-of-life and wholesome cartoons about pups. Look down to find out!

Credit: Chicken Puppie

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