20 RedDot Comics Known for its Witty Humor and Relatable Situations

We’re here to introduce you to Kim Winder, better known on Instagram […]

We’re here to introduce you to Kim Winder, better known on Instagram as The RedDot, an artist who has amassed a sizable 453,000 social media following due to her humorous and often irreverent observations of everyday life. The account includes a wide range of comics, pictures, and animations that frequently highlight Winder’s personal experiences as a woman, in addition to subjects like relationships, mental health, and daily living.

She often draws comics with four panels. In her comics, the artist isn’t afraid to tackle subjects that can be viewed as inappropriate or taboo. Her admirers consistently like her comics, which is why she has such a large Instagram following. Winder is renowned for her wit, relatability, and honesty in her writing. Scroll down to the section below to see some of her best comics.

Credit: The RedDot

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#1. Foolish

#2. Social Life

#3. That was amazing


#4. Check List

#5. Good vibes only

#6. We all do it


The RedDot Comic was founded by Kim Winder in 2015, and since then, it has grown to be very popular. She never seems to be limiting herself to a certain style and is always coming up with fresh ideas. Because of her wonderful sense of humor, not everyone can understand her comedy. However, once you realize this, there’s no turning back.

#7. Full of it

#8. Taste

#9. Happy New Year


#10. Brunch

#11. What?

#12. Shower


#13. Special Dinner

#14. Bet

Her comics often feature a character named Dot and her sentient, talking houseplant. The comics use humor and absurdity to explore real, everyday events. In addition, Kim Winder has a website and Facebook page where she posts updates on her creative work, sketches, and panels from her Webtoon comics. Please click here and here to view her previous posts on our website. Have a great day.

#15. Merry Christmas


#16. Movie Night

#17. Success

#18. Who is it?


#19. Grocery Store

#20. The Devil’s Lettuce

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