20 Odd1sOut Comics Based On Character Facing Awkward Situations

The Odd1sOut is a web comic created by YouTuber James Rallison, who also goes by the same name on his YouTube channel. He often shows up as the main character in his comics, which have become famous for their realistic humor and awkward or unexpected situations. Usually, the comics are illustrated in an easy-to-understand humorous style with eye-catching color. This artist is best known for making storytime animations for his YouTube channel.


He began creating comics in high school and started posting them online. They quickly gained popularity, and he now has a large following of 3.1 million loyal followers on social media. His comics have been collected into several books, and he has also created a line of merchandise. We have collected some of his best comics for you in the next section. We guarantte these comics will make you laugh out loud.

Credit: The Odd1sOut

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#1. Cupid’s Arrow


#2. Wearing green


#3. False Hairball

#4. Pickup Lines


#5. Jobs

#6. Work of art


His comics feature a famous figure version of himself navigating relatable, awkward, and often odd situations. He usually deals with the anxieties and struggles of everyday life, from social awkwardness to procrastination. The artist often portrays himself alongside a small, mute creature with big eyes, serving as a silent companion and sometimes a voice of reason.

#7. Tail

#8. Santa


#9. Polar Express

#10. Corn


#11. Close Enough

#12. Little Laser


#13. Nuts

He has developed his comics over time. They occasionally address more complicated themes and social issues while keeping their basic comedy. In addition, he experimented with animation, producing well-liked YouTube animations that use voice acting and sound effects to bring his comics to life. To sum up, The Odd1sOut comics provide a unique combination of relatability, humor, and carefully observed observations on daily life. You can also check out his earlier comics by clicking Here And Here.

#14. Birthday


#15. Really Cool

#16. Don’t feel good


#17. Screwed Up

#18. Got it


#19. Animated Movie

#20. Unknown


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