Here are the 20 Hilarious Comics with Unexpected Twists and Dark Endings

Here are the 20 Hilarious Comics with Unexpected Twists and Dark Endings

Dark humor is the only type of humor that can possibly be superior to regular humor. Dark humor is the ideal medium for discussing the ludicrous and grotesque parts of life. Black, smart, and unconventional minds enjoy playing around with dark humor. Dark humor comics creators frequently think outside the box and add surprising twists at the conclusion of their jokes, which could make you and other readers feel bad for laughing.

Robert James Rallison, better known online as “The Odd1sOut,” is a new cartoonist you should get to know. He is an American cartoonist, YouTuber, animator, author, and voice actor. In addition to being a co-creator and co-star of the animated Netflix series Oddballs, he is well known for creating storytime animations for his YouTube channel. He wasn’t winning football games or going out to parties in high school like his older brother. He instead published comics online.

The hilarious comics deal with a wide range of subjects, such as romance, parenthood, and many more, and frequently take unexpected storyline detours, keeping the reader guessing as to where the next panel will lead them. His comics depict commonplace events, but the endings take exciting and unexpected turns, leaving us wondering what will happen next. Let’s look at some of his most impressive illustrations.

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