20 Relatable Comics Explores the Joy of Tech in a Humorous Way


The Joy of Tech is a web comic created by the Canadian duo Nitrozac, whose original name is Liza Schmalcel, and Snaggy, whose good name is Bruce Evans. This web comic holds a special place in the hearts of tech lovers. As the name suggests, The Joy of Tech primarily explores themes related to technology, from the latest gadgets and software to the quirks and frustrations that come with them.

Their comics are funny because they use clever ideas and excellent wordplay. Launched in 1999, this webcomic has a long and successful history and has established itself as an innovator in the webcomic field. Character growth and repeated jokes are made possible by this consistency, which also enhances the connection with readers. For you, we have collected their finest comics. If you are a tech lover, then be sure to check out the following gallery.

Credit: the Joy of Tech

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#1. Invested in Reddit


#2. Reading a newspaper

#3. Concerned Privacy


#4. Software updates

#5. Day dreaming


#6. confidence boost

#7. Simplicity


Their art style is simple and clean, focusing on clear communication and easy interpretation of the comic’s message. According to the artists, drawing on your own experiences and interactions with technology can lead to fresh and relatable content. That’s what motivates them to draw comics on such things. After working hard, they were successful in their aim, and now it is a well-known web comic.

#8. Thanks for Remembering

#9. Impossible


#10. incognito mode

#11. Additional Requirements


#12. Scary Stuff

#13. Artificial Intelligence


#14. Links History

Their comics criticize the realities of interacting with technology through clever dialogue, hilarious humor, or realistic scenarios. All things considered, anyone who has ever encountered the rapidly changing world of technology and appreciates a good laugh at its unique features and difficulties will find The Joy of Tech comics to be an amusing and realistic experience.

#15. AI created Influencers


#16. Unwanted items

#17. Destroy Civilization


#18. Pretty Optimistic

#19. Flying saucer


#20. Notifications

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