20 Humorous The Jenkins Comics About The Adventures of Three Brothers

Brothers relationships are a rich source of comedy material. Many people have fond memories of their own adventures with siblings. Even when brothers fight, there is a hidden sense of loyalty and support. These factors combine to create a sense of joy and connection. This is how brilliant artist Hobson tries to make comics on such a topic. He is the artist who makes comics about the adventures of three brothers in a hilarious way.

The Jenkins Comics is a web comic created by this brilliant artist about three brothers. Barney, Butch, and Junior Jenkins are the good names for them. They face the difficulties of unemployment, relationships, and other life struggles while living in their parents’ basement. Barny is very clever and mostly does silly things. He does not have a serious nature and always thinks about dumb ideas in his mind.

Butch is the middle one of the three of them. Sometimes he behaves like a serious one, and mostly he also does hilarious things along with his brother. Junior Jenkins is the small brother of the three, and most of the tasks are done by him. They are all Unemployed and do not seek even a job. They want to make comic series and earn money through them. They now have 100,000 followers on their Instagram account.

Credit: The Jenkins Comics

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You can find his best collection of comics in this blog:

#1. No one Remembered my birthday

#2. Sharks Surrounded the boat

#3. Go To Auction


#4. Got Promotion

#5. No Easy Way

#6. Actually our last meeting


#7. Customer Satisfaction

In 2005, they made their comedy debut. This comic book series started off online and has since been published on a number of print platforms. He always draws comics with four panels. The friendly, lazy attitude of the brothers mostly shows up in his comics. This is something that many readers can relate to. He likes jokes that have an impact on the comics and provide a different level of humor. 

#8. Doing Some Calculations

#9. Middle of the Night


#10. Happy Valentine’s Day

#11. Smoke Detector

#12. Successfully Completed


#13. Disbelief

#14. Anything that makes Me Unique

#15. What was that?


He is an expert at bringing humor to routine scenarios and making them make you laugh aloud. Through social media, he regularly interacts with his followers, answering questions, starting conversations, and sometimes even doing livestreams. He is able to stay in touch with those who support him and get positive messages from them. If you find this article interesting, then do not forget to share and comment.

#16. Convincing

#17. Rearranged My organs

#18. Forget Everything


#19. How an auction works?

#20. Lie Detector Test

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