20 Hilarious Comics That Show The Dark Side Of The Animal Kingdom

Fortunately, in recent years there has been a great awareness of animal rights, agreements have been reached in different parts of the world to close many events that harm animals,

To that we also add the new styles of eating; veganism, vegetarianism, etc., which also seek to protect animals, from being exploited in the food industry and treated in the cruelest way, as things and not as living beings. And believe it or not, the animals appreciate it because no one should be treated in such an inhumane way they are treated the animal’s livestock handling the food industry.

However, even the animals have a side more dark and full of black humor, why? Well, maybe humans deserve a bit of that bad treatment that we have given to them.

But don’t panic, they are just illustrations of what we think might be the dark side of the animal kingdom.

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Pets are magical. They can make our day 100 times better just by joining it. They have the ability to take our sorrows and negative thoughts out of our bodies and fill them with happy, bright and positive emotions. Animals are silent, but they speak far more than they can ever speak to us. They are beautiful and lovely, just like we can never close our eyes.























These comics have unexpectedly dark endings and pop culture references. We have never seen the world from an animal point of view. It’s different and rather brutal. Thank God they are just comics and there is no truth in them. However, they certainly convey a very strong message. What do you guys think of these amazing comics? Let us know in the comments below.

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