20 The Argyle Sweater Single-Panel Comics Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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It is our pleasure to present to you today The Argyle Sweater, which is a daily American comic strip renowned for its absurd humor and single-panel layout. It was created by a popular artist whose name is Scott Hilburn. This web comic is known for their quirky humor and whimsical characters. they’ve been a daily dose of laughter for many since their debut in 2008.


His style draws inspiration from many single-panel comic artists and then uses a single-panel format and absurdist humor. His comics explore various themes, from witty observations on daily life to nonsensical scenarios involving animals, mythical creatures, and even non-living objects. He currently has a huge audience of 104,000 followers on his Instagram account. In the section that follows, we have collected his best comics.

Credit: The Argyle Sweater

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#1. Live forever

image 1021

#2. Get an idea

image 1022

#3. Seem so happy

image 1023

#4. Master bath

image 1024

#5. Wedding ring

image 1025

#6. Go Fast

image 1026

Through Andrews McMeel Syndication, his cartoons are available online and in newspapers. The National Cartoonist Society has recognized The Argyle Sweater as a beloved comic strip and nominated it for a Reuben Award. The artist claims that it’s difficult to get laughter from viewers with just one single panel. But he always makes those who like him laugh, and he does a masterful job of capturing comedy in a single panel.

#7. Freedom

image 1027

#8. Not Understand

image 1028

#9. Sanitizer

image 1031

#10. Customer

image 1033

#11. It’s okay

image 1034

#12. Crafts Man

image 1036

#13. Sad Story

image 1037

#14. Small World

image 1038

You can follow The Argyle Sweater on Facebook and Twitter for updates and occasional bonus content. Several volumes of The Argyle Sweater comics have been compiled and published in book form. Please use the comment section to ask me any other questions you may have. For his earlier posts on our website, you have to simply click here and here.

#15. Parenthood Meeting

image 1039

#16. So dramatic

image 1040

#17. Playground

image 1041

#18. Hair

image 1032

#19. Self Check out

image 1043

#20. Hilarious

image 1042

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