20 Adorable Comics Shows The Adventures of a Business Cat

The Adventures of Business Cat is a popular web comic series created by artist Tom Fonder. The comic portrays the adventures of a stylish cat named Business Cat, who successfully deals with the business world by combining her charming cat personality with smart business sense. The comics’ humor is derived from the contrast between Business Cat’s professional appearance and serious attitude and his naturally cat behaviors, such as taking naps at work.


Business Cat first appeared online in 2014 and quickly gained a loyal following of 222,000 followers on his Facebook page. In 2018, Fonder announced the end of the series, but he continues to create occasional new strips featuring Business Cat. His comics have been featured in various online publications and have even been compiled into two printed collections. If you are a cat lover and want to enjoy his best comics, then keep scrolling.

Credit: The Adventures of Business Cat

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#1. CEO


#2. Good to be back


#3. Can’t believe

#4. Peace times


#5. Submission

#6. Predigital Son


His comics are typically multi-panel strips that feature Business Cat engaged in various business activities, such as making deals, giving presentations, and attending board meetings. The humor in his comics comes from the Business Cat’s serious personality and the inherently silly nature of a cat trying to act like a human businessman. That’s how the artist made a name for himself by choosing a comic theme different from others.

#7. Departures

#8. Family


#9. Refusal

#10. Get in


#11. Contact

#12. Visitor


#13. Cereal

#14. Witness


#15. television

Business Cat is a unique and endearing character, and his interactions with the other characters in the comics are always entertaining. His comics are easy to understand and visually appealing, making them enjoyable for readers of all ages. If you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out The Adventures of Business Cat.

#16. Hilarious


#17. Communication

#18. Back yard


#19. Shower

#20. Sleep


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