A Fantasy Comic Story That Features a Potato Character in Some Sort of Fantastical Situation (60+ Drawings)

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Fantasy comic stories have an incredible ability to captivate and amuse us, transporting us to imaginative worlds filled with magical creatures, epic adventures, and larger-than-life heroes. These stories engage our senses, spark our imagination, and provide a much-needed escape from reality. Whether we’re reading them in comic book format or experiencing them in other media adaptations, fantasy comics offer a unique and enthralling form of entertainment. Today we bring you a similar artist who creates comics about such topics. His main focus is to bring a smile to readers faces with his fabulous illustrations.


Tatermancer is a new Instagram artist who has quickly gained a following for their humorous fantasy comics featuring potatoes. The artist, who goes by the name Tim, has only been posting comics for a few weeks, but they have already amassed over 7,510 followers. Tatermancer’s comics are typically one-panel affairs that feature a potato character in some sort of fantastical situation. For example, one comic shows a potato knight in shining armor battling a dragon. Another comic shows a potato wizard casting a spell.

The comics are often absurd and nonsensical, but they are also clever and funny. Tim’s art style is simple but effective. He uses a limited color palette of mostly browns and greens, and his characters are drawn in a cartoonish style. However, the simplicity of his art style does not detract from the humor of his comics. In fact, it may even help to enhance it. Tatermancer is a welcome addition to the world of Instagram comics. Their comics are funny, original, and sure to put a smile on your face. If you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out his latest collection of comics in the following section.

Credit: Tater Mancer

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#1. Potato Mancer

image 1282
image 1283
image 1284
image 1285
image 1286

#2. (Part 2)

image 1287
image 1288
image 1289
image 1290
image 1291
image 1292

#3. Workin’ the stand (Part 3)

image 1293
image 1294
image 1295
image 1296
image 1297
image 1298
image 1299

#4. The Wizard in brown (Part 4)

image 1300
image 1301
image 1302
image 1303
image 1304

#5. The letter

image 1305
image 1306
image 1307
image 1309
image 1308

#6. At the docks

image 1310
image 1311
image 1312
image 1313

#7. Confrontation at the docks

image 1314
image 1315
image 1316
image 1317
image 1318
image 1319
image 1320

#8. Gang stuff

image 1321
image 1322
image 1323
image 1324
image 1325
image 1326
image 1327

#9. We in the rat gang now

image 1328
image 1329
image 1330
image 1331
image 1332

#10. Meanwhile

image 1333
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image 1334
image 1335

#10. New gang

image 1336
image 1337
image 1338
image 1339
image 1340
image 1341
image 1342
image 1343
image 1344
image 1345
image 1346
image 1347

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