Here are Some Relatable Long Comic Strips about Relationships and Life (35 Drawings)




Tardaasa Comics,” created by Linnéa Aasa, alias Tardee, in 2010, is a beloved webcomic that has captivated audiences worldwide for over a decade. With its weekly updates, the comic delves into a diverse range of topics, exploring themes of relationships, society, sexuality, and the intricacies of everyday life. Linnéa’s remarkable storytelling and colorful art style have garnered a dedicated fanbase and widespread recognition. Panny’s character is both relatable and charming, endearing her to readers as they follow her through the ups and downs of her life.

The webcomic’s ability to balance humor, emotion, and genuine moments has contributed to its universal appeal. Linnéa’s art style is a defining element of “Tardaasa Comics.” The illustrations are crafted with a delightful chibi aesthetic, featuring adorable and exaggerated character designs that add a playful touch to the stories. This unique artistic approach contributes to the comic’s overall charm, making it visually appealing and easily recognizable. Her main focus is to bring a smile to her followers faces by turning their sorrows into happiness.

Social media has played a crucial role in the growth of “Tardaasa Comics.” With a staggering 39,600 Instagram followers, Linnéa has managed to cultivate a supportive community around her work. The platform has provided her with a direct channel to connect with fans, receive feedback, and share her creative journey. Linnéa’s engagement with her audience has further strengthened the bond between creator and reader, making “Tardaasa Comics” a shared experience for all. Its humorous yet heartfelt approach to tackling complex topics has resonated with people from different walks of life, making them feel seen and understood through the mediums of art and storytelling.

Credit: Tardaasa Comics

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#1. To handle or not to handle

#2. Smut home device

#3. Written off!

#4. A hung over stay over!

#5. Boxing day

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