These 20 Funny “System32 Comics” Illustrations Are Guaranteed to Identify Computer Users with Oneself

No matter how big, how small, how expensive, or how inexpensive a computer is today, it clearly rules the globe. You see, the majority of individuals own and regularly use computers. This high-tech gadget can be somewhat stupid at times, despite its convenience and cutting-edge features. Maybe while you’re working, your computer restarts and updates itself, or maybe your printer won’t print black-and-white copies because the blue ink is running low. They’re so irritating, don’t they? Andrew Galle, a graphic book creator, also experienced computer issues.

System32 Comics has amassed a devoted following of 227,000 followers on social media thanks to its distinctive visual aesthetic and astute writing. He has been creating comics since 2018. His comics often feature stick-figure characters with minimalistic designs, but their ideas and messages are anything but simple. The artist has a knack for taking complex issues and distilling them down into relatable and funny comics that anyone can enjoy.

Many of his comics focus on the quirks and absurdities of modern technology, such as the frustrations of dealing with software updates or the obsessive need to constantly check social media. These comics often feature a mix of humor and satire that skewers our collective addiction to technology. His unique visual style and ability to distill complex ideas into simple yet powerful designs have made him a sought-after artist in the creative community. You can check out his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

You can also check some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: System32 Comics

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#1. Computers are amazing at reading

#2. How do humans do that?

#3. Sounds legit

#4. I Just Want To Print Something

#5. Free Anti-Virus Software to the rescue!

#6. Designer vs customer

#7. What Is My GPU Painting Today?

#8. I’m Being Hacked!

#9. Merry Christmas!

#10. Old monitor

#11. Can Your PC Handle This?

#12. This Is Why I Hate Ads

#13. Parents

#14. How shitty printers are

#15. Perfect Waffles

#16. New Anti-Virus Program (Remastered)

#17. Compact Computers

#18. Data Structures

#19. I Was Trying My Best

#20. Why Is Hell So Hot

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