20 System32 Comics Shows a Hilarious and Confusing World of Technology

System32 Comics is a popular web comic series known for its hilarious and relatable takes on the often frustrating and confusing world of technology. It was created by a very talented artist named Andrew Galle. He is a freelancer who works as a graphic designer. His comics show hilarious common computer problems, software quirks, and the inner struggles of tech users with wit and humor.

He Has Been Creating Comics Since 2018. While working as a graphic designer, he faces many computer issues. Then he started to capture those issues in a hilarious way, which is how this web comic starts. Now it is popular all across the world, and he has a huge audience of 215,000 followers on his Instagram account. You can check out his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

Credit: System32 Comics

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#1. Free program

#2. Sound legit

#3. Outdated Mods

#4. Ever experienced?

#5. New Employee

#6. Family Photos

He has been obsessed with computers for fifteen years. He just built his own gaming PC because he was that passionate about gaming. According to the creator, his daily computer usage serves as inspiration for all of his comics. In his writing, he focuses primarily on technological errors. Though he has put academics first, he is also skilled in coding and artistic creation.

#7. Amazon Reviews

#8. Shut Down

#9. Updates

#10. Sketchy Ads

#11. New folders

#12. Maps

#13. Nice Option

#14. Best Protection

#15. Can’t See

You’ll laugh out loud at System32 Comics’ jokes if you’ve ever fought with slow internet speeds, printer issues, or been left scratching your head over an unexplained error message. The comics humorously and realistically depict the common frustrations associated with technology. To have even more enjoyment, just click this link.

#16. Recycle Bin

#17. Computer is not responding

#18. Debugging in a nutshell

#19. How to loot

#20. Unsaved Data

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