Here are 20 Fantasy Webcomic Strips That Revolves Around Magical Swords

Swords Comic is a fantasy webcomic created by Matthew Wills. It follows the adventures of Quest Sprout, a young adventurer who is accompanied by his pet dragon, Spark. The comic is full of humor and heart, and it has a large and dedicated following of 218,000 followers on Instagram. The characters are well-developed and relatable. Quest Sprout is a lovable protagonist who is always trying to do his best, even when things go wrong. Spark is a loyal and hilarious companion.

You have seen many webcomics revolve around everyday life, relationships, dark themes, mental health, etc. But this webcomic series revolves around magical swords and features characters like Rapier Tapir. The comics are known for their humor and unexpected twists. They inject humor into commonplace scenarios and dull circumstances with unexpected punchlines and smart visual gags. Swords Comics has a unique art style that is described as simple yet effective. The artist uses a minimalist approach to create the characters and settings.

The humor is witty and clever. Swords Comic is full of jokes and gags that will make you laugh out loud. But it’s also more than just a comedy. There are also moments of genuine emotion and heart in the comic. The art is beautiful and expressive. Matthew Wills is a talented artist, and his work brings the world of Swords Comic to life. The characters are expressive, and the backgrounds are detailed and atmospheric. If you’re looking for a funny, heartwarming, and visually stunning webcomic, then I highly recommend Swords Comic. It’s a great read for fans of fantasy, humor, and adventure.

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Credit: Swords Comic

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#1. Let’s Battle

#2. Justice

#3. The Draw

#4. Viscount Varris

#5. Tyvan

#6. Mad Alice

#7. Potato Paladin

#8. Mysteries Stranger

#9. Motar

#10. Be Twist Realms

#11. Picked by Destiny

#12. Violet Temperament

#13. Burning Resolve

#14. Life Flashing

#15. Burned

#16. God Cleaver

#17. Snake it till you make it

#18. Choose your weapon

#19. Sorry state

#20. Magical Item

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