20 Quirky Sword-Based Comics That’ll Make You Laugh in A Whole New Way

In the world of social media, Instagram has emerged as a platform where artists can showcase their talent and connect with audiences around the world. One such artist who has gained significant popularity on Instagram is Mathew Wills, the creator of the webcomic series “Swords Comic.” With a unique art style and a captivating storyline, Wills has amassed a large following of 219,000 on the platform.

He started his artistic journey as a freelance illustrator, working on various projects for clients. However, he soon realized that his true passion lay in creating his own artwork and telling his own stories. This led him to start “Swords Comic,” a webcomic series that follows the adventures of a group of warriors as they battle against evil forces. He uses bold, vibrant colors and clean lines to create a world that is both visually stunning and highly engaging.

One day he made a silly webcomic about an idiot knight looking for a sword, and it was an overnight success. This comic was a success. He knew he would tap into something special with him, and he has drawn swords three times a week since. His characters are also incredibly detailed, with each one having a unique personality and backstory that adds depth to the overall narrative. His goal for the future is for Swords to help him commit to comics full-time so he can continue the series while reviving some of his old favorite ideas and giving them the ending they deserve. If you want to understand the whole scenario, then scroll down to the section below.

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Credit: Swords Comic

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#1. Piercing wordplay

#2. Duel intent

#3. The dream cutlass

#4. Five year anniversary

#5. Rowdy rogue roberry

#6. Meal fit for a gnome king

#7. Destiny at the door

#8. Destiny comes knocking

#9. Friends in the end

#10. Even more tales

#11. The gold standard

#12. The hunt heats up

#13. Some kind of cursed

#14. Seal of fate

#15. The dream team

#16. An offensive defence

#17. The white tower

#18. The son of greg

#19. Fresh off the forge

#20. New years revolution

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